Affirmative Prayer Library

Affirmative Prayer is effective so long as it rises something in us. It isn’t so much the words that you say, but the feeling that comes from what is consciously being consider. Many people struggle with organized religion because it may feel static and rote to them; many prayers are repeated over and over and the meaning is lost. The aim is to renew these prayers in your heart so that the belief overcomes you.

Having prayer for many occasions in our lives is useful in that it gets us specific enough to evoke a change of heart. Below are some of my favorite topics to pray about and more specific prayer organized under each topic. Somedays it’s our jealousy surrounding a partner and sometimes it’s the walls that separate our romance that need to be realigned. In viewing these prayers, may your heart open to your own language that allows you to speak most effectively to the Source of who you are, your Highest Self, the All-Knowing that is a part of God and is also completely of God.

Whatever you are needing to know and say can be said through prayer. While a prayer must speak to you and be deeply personal, I have provided an on-going list of prayers for all events and emotions of our lives.

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