Meditation does not take us out of this world, but lets us into ourselves. Meditation is useful not because it brings us enlightenment in the act of it, but because it allows us to find pause more often and in the sequence of pauses we find peace. We sit and notice our breathing and sit ourselves closer to the center of us so that through the day, when we need to return to center, we find we haven’t traveled too far. All you need to begin is a quiet space to sit upright, and a moment to breathe as easy as possible, working to extend the breath down to your stomach. If images are helpful, below are some guided meditations.

King | Servant Meditation:

If you are with others, look at those around you, if you are alone, image those in your mind. See their faces, their eyes. Whoever shows up first is right for you. See them as children and see them as powerful. See them adoringly and see them as your own. Belong to them. As we all belong to each other.

Breathe in the power of God’s peace and breathe out the power of God’s peace.

[Continue for 8 breaths.]

You are greater than you know. You are greater than you know. You are greater than you know. Begin to imagine what this may mean. What is your divine color? See the color now. Allow it to start in your mind’s eye and saturate the inner space of your head from throat to crown. This color electrifies your every cell, awakening the sleeping giant of your wondrous self. It moves to the aches and pains of you and infuses God into them, healing them instantaneously. It creeps down your spine illuminating each vertebrae and transforming the vibration of your whole endocrine system. You are alive and strong. It moves down to the base of you where your anus and sex organs meet. It circulates, gently sifting out any stagnant or needless energy. Clenching your sex organ and anus, we hold. While holding, the energy–the vibrant color–draws upward and we feel the electricity ignite our being. We pull the energy to our crown and out the top of our head. [We hold for 10-20 seconds, then release and relax.]

We are clear. We are clear of who we are.

Moving through our heart center, we are guided in our mind’s eye of where to go, who to see, what to say and when. We are taken into experiences with an upright knowing that we are Divine. We see our Divine color radiating from us and those who show up in our mind’s eye sees this too. We kneel before each person we see, one at a time and grab their hands, saying “may your greatness bless the world.” We move from person to person leaving those in our wake alive and upright, thus turning and blessing one another. We spend our time with these God-beings for a moment, seeing how the little we gave is returned to us in potent energy.

[Breathe in and out for 8 counts]

We are amazed. Our mind is clear and heart is light. We return to the present moment. We feel our breathing and know that in and out; the divine expands and that we now move rightly as extensions of infinity.

Golden Ray Meditation:

We gently close our physical eyes and begin to see the world as it truly is. We breathe in the power of God’s peace, and it meets our own peace at the base of us.

We are taken anywhere that our subconscious would like us to be. We are on a mountaintop or in a garden, we hover in the clouds or in the middle of a circle surrounded by our most beloved people.

From the base of us, we tighten drawing a golden ray up through our sex organs, intestines, squeezing upward past our stomach, lungs, circling our heart, up to throat, mouth eyes—illuminating the bold now and beyond—into our crown chakra and out.

We emanate a golden glow. And we are here, and this light passes into the lives and situations that call for it: an argument with a lover; financial distress of our organization; warring between nations. The gold is the evidence of our worth and in seeing the gold lift from the beings of those around us, we suddenly remember that our worth is never in question, can never be added to or subtracted from. We are divine children of God.

Life is golden [for 8 breaths]

I am golden [for 8 breaths]

Our mind is clear and our heart is light and we return to the room knowing this for all.

Now and Beyond Meditation:

Wherever you are, be here now. Breathe in the moment right now and set sail to the thoughts of the day. You are infinite.

Breathe in and expand your mind. It is whole and powerful.

Breathe in and expand your soul. It is whole and powerful.

See the energy of you, extend passed the physical manifestation of you. Know that where your skin ends is just the beginning of you. Sink into the idea that you are a beyond-ness in physical form, let your eyes roll back and sink into this knowing and step out of the three-dimensional. You begin to ascend into the atmosphere around you, past the room out the building and into the city. You have permeated and suddenly you are connected into all others. And you extend past the places humans live, into the ocean and up into the sky. This is the beginning and you are knowing this.

You breath in and expand the One. It is whole and powerful. The greater part of you is now getting clear and the Universe is just a small recollection of what has and will be done by the Source of us. We go on and on. We have memories of the future and can undo the past.

We are healed and transparent. We are easy and light and we move with a knowing. We are no longer just us, we are more than the sum of our parts. We are not parts. We are the sum.

[Breathe in and out for 8 breaths.]

And we gently deliver our soul-consciousness back to our physical form. Moving into the present with a forethought, forthward and forever.

Christ-Self Meditation:

We breathe in the power of God’s peace and we breathe out anything unlike love, joy and goodness.

We locate in our bodies any place that is calling out for attention, maybe an ache in our neck, a stomach discomfort, a tight chest, a clenched jaw, and we notice this location and let ourselves sink into the heart of it. We have no judgment about these sensations, but spend some time with it. Relax and sink into your feeling now.
We bring our attention back to our mind’s eye as we feel the sensation unravel, maybe it releases fully and maybe it releases slightly. Either way. we offer gratitude for our body and mind meeting our spirit once again.
And here we are, divine creations, infinite, powerful, fearless, beings whose physical bodies are a mere representation of who and what we are. Subatomomically we are energetic beings whose fields interlace with each other and we offer a moment of healing from our heart center because we know that we are not isolated in our emotions.
And as we turn back to our mind’s eye we see ourselves sitting cross-legged with our hands resting gently on our knees. We look as we are radiating white and gold and violet and sky blue. These colors stream from us and we are smiling. Our eyes are closed and we know in this moment, that this is our Christ-self our Buddha-self–our highest self.
We watch this being from the sideline in our minds as we wonder of all the things we think are missing in our life. Suddenly a whirlwind of love and riches, and abundance, and attention, of perfect health, and wealth, of the men and women we wished wanted us or were in our life are flowing to us, the homes, the jobs and the treasures are all flowing to us. Intrigued, we walk from the sideline of our minds and join our Christ-self. This self grabs our hands and we are suddenly in the whirlwind of abundance, too. The items all flow toward us and yet, they don’t touch us. Many flow past, and we are comforted in dismissing many of them, because we know what is needed. We hold the feeling and we grab onto love and peace and joy and the rest dissolves in the wind. With a smile on our faces, we turn to our christ self at our back. and all we can see is us, as we are, sitting and no longer waiting, but knowing that it has all been done and it is all done, for and through us.
And we come back to our mind’s eye knowing that this journey is not a special trip but one in which our hearts can travel over and over as we quickly wake up to the perfect love, the truest truths, and purest peace.


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