How to Affirmatively Pray


We affirmatively pray by summoning the greatest part of us, by calling this Divine experience of us into our earthly situation. Affirmative Prayer is Active Prayer in that it requires concentration, and the clarity of your intent informs what our physical essence receives. Strong, declarative words spoken aloud are often advised when practicing Active or Affirmative Prayer. Affirmative prayer calls to mind that which is the greatest hint of us. We often require affirmative prayer when we feel low, and the magnificence of us can feel so far away, so we choose deliberate words like “I, still, am powerful in this lull,” “there is an undeniable knowing that I rise higher each time I feel down,” or even, “I draw up my mind to my soul that exists as my perfection unchained.”

In whatever you are feeling or are concerned with, find the affirmative to it: in sickness, affirm wellness; in poverty, affirm prosperity; in loneliness, affirm unity. If you have not yet made yourself uncomfortable in your verbalize declarations, than you have not left the cage of your comfort zone and will often not have a new experience until you, well, allow yourself to have a new experience.

Many times we know the words, but until we evoke the feeling, until it wells up from the base of us and moves throughout our body as thoughts manifest to energy, we may not experience a physical change. By pairing the mental action of thought with the physical and aggressive action of proclaiming in tongue, we may often shake doubt and inconsistency from our field. And so it is.

In the greater themes of life, I have outlined some beginning thoughts below:

Abundance + Prosperity

It’s a revelation to be reminded that wealth is objective and is not a tool wrestled between good and evil humans, but a source like air, that if I close myself off with judgment, I could be pridefully deprived.


It is not the Divine’s wish to see you happy and whole and single. It is not the Source of All that Is’ will to see to it that you become okay with being alone so that you can tolerate being alone. It is God’s will that you be joyful and have all that you want, but the crux is in seeing first that all that you want is inside of your heart. You have never felt more loved then when you believed you were loved, you have never felt more worthy then when the self-worth rose up inside you before anyone else recognized it, you were never so attractive and desirable than when you were on fire about your own life, your own heart, your own journey and the depths of your enfolding. It is not the Divine’s will that you be alone. And the Divine insist that you know you, that you know the Divine being in you, know the God of you, uniting with the Spirit in you before you link to other lights on the circuit. The Divine will is that you draw from an eternal well inside you for love that may be poured onto your mate and they may do the same onto you instead of you reaching and drawing from his or her well.

Work + Career

There is no work that is below me. There is nothing I can spend my time doing that is wasteful if my heart is open and miracles are available. There is nothing that I need worry about when I know that I am the employee of the Divine Creator and my work is on the spiritual plane whether it is serving food, counseling clients, selling cars, creating websites. There is no hierarchy of spiritual employment, there is simply the alignment with the Divine in my heart allowing me to stay in joy. I am not serving anyone when I run a non-profit in fear; I am better served to do less direct work with an soft, open-heart. And to the extent that the joy ripples from me to others throughout my day, is the work worthy. The work isn’t worthy by what it produces in the material world, but in what it vibrates in the vaster, deeper, unseen Universe in and of us.

Guidance + Emotional Healing

There is always a part of us, the center of us, that is the unaffected programming of God. There is a deep well in us that God stored away for us to draw upon when clarity and healing is needed. Affirmative Prayer will allow you to access these reservoirs, but it requires enough faith from you to know that, first they exist and second that they are there, lovingly, for you. God’s will for you is simple, to love. A Course in Miracles says that our only role is happiness and God’s will for us to be in God, joyfully. Moving from this place, you move from your center and can never misstep.

Health + the Body

The body exists as three-dimensional evidence that our minds are creators. The body is the gift from the Divine for us to practice miracles in healing and forgiveness. The body is a reminder that we can manifest illusions and delusions to the extent that we believe we are separate from each other, from God. And we are here not to deny the pleasures of our bodily experiences but to notice the ways in which we are able to evoke an alignment that feels good and true. Our life is a creation and each thought we have leads us down a path to our body’s unfolding. Be open to treasure the body as a representation of how powerful we are in laying thoughts down into form.

Moving On + Beginning Anew

Moving on and beginning anew can never be separated. To the extent in which we open ourselves enough to release that which we cling to, does our ability to receive heighten. When we no longer believe that our pain (anger, fear, sadness, disappointment) serves us, do we allow ourselves to turn our face to that which is good, available, holy and pure.

Our cells replace themselves dozens of times in our lifetime. We are completely renewed by our subconscious reorganizing. The order of nature is to turnover and begin again. The ocean has an ebb and flow that requires it to draw back on itself in order for it to move forward again, and it is this powerful motion that allows life to flourish inside of it. And so, it is too that we would start over, crash and burn, crumble and rise, as an essential quality divinely wired into our DNA. We are beings from consciousness itself and our limps and lacerations are not signs of a stagnant mortality but of a malleable everlasting.

Each time something seems to fail in our lives, it is not where we were wrong or even wounded, it’s where the divine contract with our souls insisted on an unearthing–a tilling to plant a new seed to grow, expanding the very nature of our existence, never taking from it. Thus, disruption does not become the foe, but the friend that reveals the immortality of the larger part of us, that which remains when our cells have turned over for the last time. Then the boundaries between us cease, and we are here together awakened from a dream.

Society + the World

Each problem of this world began with an idea in the mind of one person that believed separation from man and God was possible. Then another believed this. Then relationships were broken. Then another, and families fractured. Then groups joined to believe that anyone, any other group, any nation can be separated from God. Then another group believed this. And borders were drawn.

What has also occurred is a collective belief that those in God’s favor are in a minority. Matters of state are matters of the heart because matters of state are made in the name of God and God truly lives in our core; we are powerless in our separation of God but we are willful in our denial of this connection. Prayers for the world must begin with a knowing that God begins from each of us and to the extent that we may see God in any other, does our freedom to be peaceful lie.

We’ve found too much faith in error and in ideas of sin, and far too little faith in that which is good. We make an art and science of focusing on the mistakes of our brothers and take for granted the wholeness that is always what is left, thus we shrink each other’s wholeness in our eyes.

We made idols of defense, enlarging our illusion of attach to defend and have failed to see that an open heart would be the only offense needed to waylay any fears. An open heart meaning access to the Truth of God; an open heart meaning that there is no stranger in the neighbor, no enemy in our brothers; an open heart meaning there are no walls, borders, languages, religions, or barriers that can separate us as a species; we share one maker, one heart and mind, thus, when we injure, we share one wound.

What will rejoin our world is not in believing in one God, but in knowing that any Divine Creator that can be understood and encapsulated by man and his theologies is still far too small. The peace that surpasses understanding is God. It is not our ignorance that separates us, but our arrogance. Let us be whole in our quest to understand each other, and in that interchange, God will surely be revealed.

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