God Letters

God LetterIn terms of prayerful discussion with the greater part of us, that is God, fewer tools are more useful than writing. If we are seeking clarity, writing in black and white prevents the loop that can happen when our minds get stuck on obsessive fears or impulsive decisions. I have used God letters when I am lost, confused, hurt, and frightened. I have used God letters in guiding me through relationships, promotions, career shifts, friendship struggles and finances. My mentor taught me how to do a God letter so that I could begin to practice intuition and connection with Truth.

With a pen/pencil and paper or notebook, begin by pausing and saying a prayer to set aside any doubt or barriers to divine wisdom. Make sure you have at least 15 mins of quiet uninterrupted space so that you can relax and receive. Then write at the top of a piece of paper (it’s better hand-written) “Dear God,” then proceed with your issues, requests, questions or story. When you feel that you are complete in emptying your concerns, flip the page over and write at the top “Dear Son/Child/Daughter or your name” (whatever feels most appropriate) and write…

It may feel strange at first but the answers will begin to rise through you. Do not worry about grammar, structure, spelling or clarity, just write until you feel the lights go on.

When you are complete, say a prayer of gratitude and, if you’re comfortable, read the letter to a trusted friend or mentor. The reason it is sometimes useful to read to someone else, is the same reason it is important to write it down: it draws the experience out of you and allows you to connect it into physical form; it allows you to unite the mental, physical and spiritual and with a trusted friend, it brings it to life and makes it right-sized. In our minds, issues can feel too small or big, and when brought to light, we see them for what they are.

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