The Tools

We become that which we do over and over. Do you dream? Do you do it with your eyes open? Consciously? Conspicuously? Compulsively? Then, my dear, you are a dreamer. Use these tools to become clear of who you are and your role to play in the greatest story of the Universe: the evolution of the human race.

Be willing to believe that nothing can be subtracted from you that would diminish your innate worth. Trust that there is nothing that needs to be added to who you are; nothing you need to learn or acquire. The meaning of everything is pre-verbal and is pre-intellectual, but it is beyond extraordinary. When that thing or those incidents happened that convinced us to become unwilling to trust that everything was always working out for us, whether it be childhood neglect or a horrible break-up, we began adding stories to our fairytale; stories about monsters and witches, dark forests and epic battles. There is only one story, and we need not learn anything else, but unlearn that which we’ve been expected to know, the story is about you–the humble King…the all-powerful Servant. May your greatness bless the world.

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