Who You Are

The idea of being broken is interesting and pervasive. It has rooted and multiplied in our culture at the rate of cancer. But, it is faulty. We have scared ourselves into illusions of wrongness, as if we are waiting for a punishing hand for turning our bicycles down the wrong path. We cringe at the touch of goodness as it asks to re-direct us lovingly back onto our path and we often fall off our bikes and run deeper into the woods because we’ve tempted ourselves into fear.

The idea of being broken presumes that we were once whole or healthy and that we somehow ruined ourselves, though being mistaken is not brokenness. There is nothing to fix, just things to remember. There is nothing to add to us, just things to let go of. And this is where we begin, knowing the Divinity in us. Knowing that whatever ailments we might identify with, that we are perfect and whole because we are children of God. So who are you? Who are you really? You are joy and peace and a reflection of all that is good. When do you feel wrong? When you believe that something is wrong; when you allow your thoughts to super-cede the profound data of your divine DNA. Now it’s time to see it for yourself, to know that King that lives in your heart is the ruler of your Universe.

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