What Happens To Me, For Me, or Through Me


 We can view life as happening to us or for us and through us. We create our experiences as extensions of power—meaning when things don’t go the way I’d hoped, it’s because I have willed it. Having the ability to take responsibility for what I am tapping into, not what happens, necessarily, but what is available to my emotional life, is the ultimate power. We may begin that life happens to us, and we are simply bystanders, but this illogically lays a foundation that we are not worthy of manifestation.

So, in knowing our worth, we begin to see that maybe some situations happen for us. And if some situations happen for us, then maybe all happens for us. There are times, however, when it can feel condescending and frustrating to hold this belief. An easier position may be that life is simply happening through us: the flow of life as we play a part in the day-to-day evocations of others’ stories, office operations, traffic on the road. Through as someone who is the behind-the-scenes contributor–and doesn’t have to be the star just yet–to a great tale unfolding that is wholly empowering to us and those about us, and strips us of pressure to figure it out. And in believing life happens through you, you may free yourself to be of maximum service to the world while letting yourself off the hook. This is ease and flow.

The Lamp

In a broom closet one could find several brooms, and one lamp. The lamp, not knowing any better thought itself a broom. Everyday the lamp would join the brooms in sweeping around the closet and rooms in the dark, however, everyday the lamp would do very little help and would often dent its lampshade and break its light bulbs in trying to clean up dust. After many weeks of trying to sweep like the brooms and creating more wreckage and making the clean-up process on-going, one broom said to the lamp, “we appreciate you, but you’re not a broom, stop acting like one.” The lamp was devastated.

For days the lamp sat in the corner, not knowing what to do. All it ever thought it knew was untrue. All that it thought it was, was not. The lamp did not have an example of what it should be and was therefore conflicted more and more. One day, the lamp—impelled by something beyond it–moved toward the wall and plugged itself into the socket and a surge of energy came through it and its light bulb illuminated. The lamp felt warm and clear. The brooms looked on the lamp and no longer saw that the lamp was not just NOT a broom, but, of course, was a LAMP. The brooms were stunned at how much they could see and the lamp finally realized that itself wasn’t a defective broom but a harnesser of light. Its role wasn’t to clean up messes, but to light the way. It wasn’t powerless or weak or broken, but misaligned. It had found its source and it served the lamp and in serving it, the lamp blessed its closet and its friends. The closet and rooms were never cleaner, and the brooms never had an easier job in performing their roles.

Ease and flow. Nothing much to figure out. No lessons that we must learn. Just allow life to happen through us. There is a divine process of evolution that always pairs awareness with expansion. As we look deeper into the universe, the further its limits extend, in fact, we cannot perceive the limit itself because, it’s a holographic and reflective universe and we know we cannot experience a limit in ourselves—what would even be the end of you? We go on, and on. The divine process is always an inward and onward motion not a pop quiz by an entity beyond. There is nothing much to learn, there is nothing to study, nothing to examine except taking note of that which moves us away from joy. If you experience life as a classroom, then may your only lesson be that the playground is always available for recess, and in playing you’ve found freedom.

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