The greatest thing you can know about relationships is that when the pressure is on, you are about to be transformed. There is an alchemic response when we are up against other humans who rise emotion in us. Some of us are the types that stir people greatly and this disruption is not negative, it’s simply a quickened experience to a new layer. When we are cornered in situations with people who make our blood boil, who work us up, who seemingly rise negativity in us, they are fiery in a way that a bonfire purifies. Welcome the burn. The heat transforms. The anger moves into expression and the musky corners of our soul are wiped clean.

Those petty annoyances in our life are suddenly intolerable once the specific person in relationship to us draws forth an active feeling. And what do we do? Often times we scrap that which is no longer serving us. The best relationships challenge us to clean our internal homes so that we may finally welcome people into our lives, hoarding no more pain.

When you have these people and it becomes a consistent experience and you are unable to find relief from the appearance of their flaws to know that people are always offering up to you that which they secretly believe about themselves. If that image is an unholy one, it’s your responsibility to see this person in her purest form. This is the truest form of forgiveness, seeing the innocence in all and un-remembering that which in her that seems separate from God. Then, it is your responsibility to heal that in you that is identifying with that in the other person.

Relationships + Rejection


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