Health + Body

The truth about health and body is that whatever you are believing will influence you will influence you. Illness can be a guide and can also be a process of deepening. In my spiritual and religious studies, I placed a lot of value in being sick or tired or in pain.

Sometimes I believed I was ill because I was holding beliefs that I could be attacked by a germ or a cold or a cancer or a relationship and in believing this, my physical body responded in defense by producing reactions that notify my system that something is wrong. The belief was that I was ill in my mind in believing that I was not whole and complete and kept healthy in God’s mind. Often times, we are not feeling the effects of being ill, but the effects of our defense against being ill.

From a different perspective, I am responding to un-checked thoughts, meaning, I am drawing into my experience any manifestations of suffering because I am focused on the disease, disorder or restlessness. I’ve worked in clinical atmospheres with patients who had come from off the streets. Many staff members were always concerned with contagious diseases and a common phrase was: “I don’t want to be sick” which then became a subtext for the real though “I have lost control over being well.” Thus, we become vulnerable in effect. When one person would get sick, it would have a domino effect as people often became obsessed with illness. In the obsessing of it, it became a reality.

A clearer perspective for me is not that I am ill or not ill, it’s this: what is available to me regardless of what my body feels? Why would I associate suffering and misery with a cold? Why do I default to sadness and depression when I feel like I am getting sick? The identification with the body as me is a persistent and convincing thought, but I have often felt sick of the body and mind was clear. I am well when it is well with my soul. It is well with my soul whenever I remember what I am for. I am for love and all experiences are direct links to expanding my reach of love, anything else is just static on the radio; the cold, the flu, the cancer, the pain, the ache, all are static that aims to deepen my perception. In remembering what underlies all of it, in training my ear to the harmony of it, I am re-gifted with the sound of peace once again and our bodies are just bodies. The key is the preservation of our nobility as source riding in a vehicle. Sometimes the vehicle is dirty, sometimes it needs to be worked on, but it doesn’t change the purpose of the passenger.

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