Non-Violence + the Body


Non-violence is an active process and is not the same as not being violent. Non-violence holds the space for the power of Spirit to transcend a situation or relationship to its highest level and holds those who appear to oppose or oppress us in the wings of unity.

Non-violence is a lens that captures the light and limitlessness in appearing tragic or devastating situations. Non-violence uses the body as a tool to exercise the spirit into physical form. In a way that stretches and poses allow yogis to practice yoga of the spirit, so, too, does activism stand witness to the greatest unfolding for all involved and creates a healthy blood flow, drawing our physical collective bodies lifeward, that allows for clarity and proper reflection.

Non-violence is inseparable from unity in that it recognizes the diversity of human experiences is a requirement for uniting. Unity is irrelevant in the presence of sameness, but oneness is essential in the presence of diversity, because the diversity is the perspective and physical evidence of differing bodies, but the oneness is the acknowledgement of the divinity that underlies all conscious beings.

Global warming is one experience just as global healing is one experience with different angles; there exists many approaches to understanding the issue or even recognizing and issue to begin with. In a way, a marine biologist, human rights activist, preacher and engineer would all have different paths to take to the undoing of global warming (or any perceived issue), but the arteries are all propelled and drawn to one heart; in a way that religions of the world, at their best, are propelling its people through their respective arteries straight into the same heart of life or to a peaceful afterlife. Though each path is not all, each path is complete and because each path was divinely inspired, it means they have a divine contract to bring each spiritually assigned follower along. Just because someone isn’t in your lifeboat, doesn’t mean they do not have a lifeboat of their own and are being welcomed to the shore of life.

However, non-violence is in seeing the way we treat the physical bodies of God’s children. In understanding that there is a greater part of us that goes beyond our physical form, the obsession with the physical decreases and all that is needed to consider is the experiences we’ve had in this physical form and how it can be used to add value to the collective and our bodies are but neutral tools.

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