The Rest

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The truth about the most valuable things in the world is that they can’t be kept unless we give them away. Wisdom dissipates in the mind of a hermit, love shrivels in the heart of a miser, prosperity diminishes in the soul of a scrooge. The truth is that the seeking is over, we have all we need, we know more than we’ve ever needed to and knowledge is not the distance from the head to the heart.

The rest belongs to those who know that we were once primal things that catapulted into intellectual things and suddenly we must now figure out how to be human beings as present creations, conscious of spiritual things, witnesses to the life of countless other species that are foreign to self-inflicted suffering. The rest belongs to those who know that we’ve made the distance from the head to the heart too long; it has become a painful journey for many millions over countless generations.

The rest is everything that has been created outside our individual physical bodies. In seeing the healing for ourselves internally, we know that all healing is self-healing and if we know what heals one life, we know what heals the world. The rest is anything from relationships with lovers and in-laws to politics and environmental issues, from religion and intersectionality to human rights and the economy. The key is in how we refuse to make someone else wrong, and yet evolve upward away from our collective lower thought forms. The victory will belong to the greatest collective body that excludes the least. The future lies in the discipline of visioning and demonstrating the truth of our species, that we are whole, orchestrated miracles, spiritual-things chasing ourselves toward a cliff in which the weight of our mistakes may finally be released so that we can soar skyward to our destiny as God-beings.


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