Consciousness Level Assessment

Consciousness Level Assessment
August 15, 2016 Brandon

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Consciousness Level Assessment

I am spiritual counselor so I aim to reach a spiritual solution for myself and others. I am not a healer—healing is done onto us equally. I am not a therapist—therapy happens for all parties when we come together fearlessly.

I’ve designed the following assessment to help you determine if you are seeking a spiritual solution and where you might be at on your journey to peace. Knowing where to start is the bulk of the journey; when we honestly look at the options (in this assessment and life), and choose that which reflects our internal life more often than not (not the answer we think makes us more “spiritual” or aware), we practice the sacred act of truth-seeking. Most importantly, know this: there are no right or wrong answers and there is no one path to healing.


1.Which best describes your goal in your personal growth?
2.Which best describes your current state?
3.My career…
4.My romantic life is…
5.Forgiveness is…
6.Love is…

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