To My Generation: The Vision


When I truly see my generation, my peers, my tribe, I see those that are not afraid to look at themselves in the mirror and say “I love you”; who, by the sheer joy of being present, forget to snap and upload a photo; who are galvanized moment-by-moment to find a heartbeat not a newsfeed; a generation that gets lost in the dream of a global community and not a string of re-blogged links.

When I truly see my generation, it is a vision. It isn’t what could be, but what is. The notion that I have seen it with truer sight than the one gathered by the eyes means we—not I—were divinely wired to evoke and manifest this dream that stirs in our DNA. The same evocation that brought us from all fours to bipedalism. The same evocation that separated primal from intellectual. The same evocation that pushed our species for thousands of years to do what had never been done. Thousands of years we yearned for the moon. Thousands of years we yearned to understand. Thousands of years we crashed and burned to rise again.

It’s a vision, yes, but it is true because it is happening inside of me, and therefore, inside of you. We dare not waste a moment with comparing and despairing and sifting, fleeing, circumventing and scheming. We breathe today for the divine experience of sharing, lifting, growing, encompassing. It is not done alone. I am not my words tweeted, selfies taken, and sentences posted; I will not cast a net into a lonely sea, using fear to catch fear, envy to spurn worth, arrogance to spurn envy.

I vision my generation looking soberly and adoringly at each other, eradicating the epidemic of loneliness in the heart of cities that long to be actual neighborhoods of unity. Blasting out frankness for honesty; over-sharing for truth. My generation exists to wreck the experience of the material, to deny the status and prestige, to negate the fame and wealth, to undo the wretched traps of consumption and production and to overdo it all to prove that it can be overdone, and is not the hallowed experience we wished it would be. We will burn it all down, in order to begin anew. We will disregard reality so wholly that we will collapse in on our fantasy, and will be brought face-to-face with the global experience, finally, breathtakingly, purely and innocently requiring us to see what we truly are and, as one, decide what we could be. My generation exists not to be drown in the shallows of content and media, but to catch our breath before we begin the ascension; inspiring those to rise through the cracks of convention, past the door of imitation, through the guise of ingenuity and brilliantly into the center of our awaiting legacy impelled solely by the spiritual force of community.

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