To My Generation: Look Out

Look out. Look out for the ways in which we have been lying to ourselves, denying that justice is elevated into consciousness without an army of souls to lift it. Look out from passed your laptops to see the world you were meant to see. The only world that exists to be seen and is not a distraction of a dying species, but a primal call that orients us toward danger even if that danger be of our own doing–look out. Look out passed the screens on our phones, lest we forge a path of illusion and stir into our consciousness a connection secured by broken links. Look out for those around you who say everything except that which needs to be said, on Facebook, in text, through rants and in silence. Look out past your photos taken over and over, past your profiles, edited and sanitized, past your witty remarks commented and pontificated, in hopes of seeing–in the world that never truly existed–the real you. In fact, to go inward is not to contemplate the perfect pose and phrase, but to look out and understand the lens in which we view, determines what we see. For if we are to know ourselves, each other, the path to justice and peace and healing, we will ultimately need to look out and determine how we see and how we are seen.





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