King | Servants + the Unusual Suffering

King | Servants often have a low tolerance for suffering (their own or others) because 1) they have experienced an extensive amount and 2) the degree to which they feel is higher because of their emotional proximity to the kingdom of heaven. These people are not greater in quality, we are all inherently perfect and whole, but their karma contract brought them a level of awareness, and thus, closeness to spiritual realms. Spiritual realms are where we are sourced and where the greater part of us is. It’s as if we have stepped out of the shower and are grasping for the towel. Sometimes we find the towel, sometimes we cower back under the warm water, regardless, we remember that there is a full life beyond the bathroom. And the only thing that differentiates the King | Servants from others is the desire to know the beyond.

If you experience great pain it’s because your container is vast and so close to your heart that you allow your experience to dance at the door of your soul, and you have let many experiences surround you for transformation. You are not wrong in this pain. In fact, you are great. The great pain requires a great space and the ballroom of your soul is waiting for the great goodness to fill it. It’s easy to invite in the weary travelers, and do not deny them for your heart is too broad for that, but tend to them, shower them, rinse them, nourish them and your way faring strangers will become your Royal court, ready to nobly serve you always.

In the realm of heaven there is timelessness which allows the good to always remain in the present. Problems exist on timelines. Peace exist in the present. Solutions are always working at the speed of heaven and this looks like a steady wellness. We interrupt good times and bad times on this earthly plane because we have slowed our spiritual experience into a visible motion where we must wait for response, access a miracle (shift in perspective) and change directions because we acknowledge a timeline. There is nothing to fix when there is no timeline; no traffic (just cars), no relationship goals (just moments), no debt, no absence, no missed opportunities, no “he should have” or “she should have” (just all is working out for me) no lack or limitation. When there is no timeline the goodness simmers up once again and we need not bury ourselves in gifts, but bask in the energy in us. We need not hide behind titles, but know our worthiness in the face of our peers, knowing theirs in return. We need not fear rejection because it is impossible. In the realm of God and good, rejection is redirection.  When there is no timeline, hearts stay open and minds stay clear. And life is easy and powerful and breathtaking to us once again, as it always was. And so it is.

We, King | Servants, do not fret about the state of affairs in the world. We do not own the fear or calamity, we become witnesses to it and address any fear or calamity in our own heart then move to stand with those who are experiencing suffering. We do not wish to change the world, or anyone, but stand in our own truths, thus revealing the world as it is.

We demonstrate as an identified opportunity to multiply our peace. We demonstrate as an example of peace embodied, not to convince or convert, but to inspire. 

Life is available to us as a plane of education, and often we must view it as such until we have sufficiently undone the beliefs that no longer serve us. If I cannot find a mate that does not trigger me in regards to being left alone, then I might continue to find a mate who gives me space for me to spend time with myself, and I may see this as a lesson.

We can move beyond this when we are ready to believe that life not only can be a classroom, but it can be a playground. I can choose recess over algebra when I am clear about the information available to me. This doesn’t mean I have to know more and more continuously, for wisdom and enlightenment are not an intellectual endeavor, but it means that I am allowing myself to rest and play with the absence of information.

When I am able to receive most, I am no longer clinging to anyone or anything, as the gifts pass through me, I enjoy them most knowing they always are enjoyed by others, circle back, stay awhile, and see the world. The more I practice this openness to receive, the easier it becomes to give, for the tunnel in which I receive is the same in which I give; the proportion increases in direct relation to each other.

The unusual suffering is recognizing where we feel pain that does not register with others and knowing this as a gift. We may feel pressure to change without misery. We may know pain with suffering and be directed to heal. The unusual suffering is being present to situations that would normally not call pain, but because we are so close to the whispers of heaven, anything unlike heaven feels intolerable. It’s a sensitivity not in the sense of weakness but in being tuned. Like a musician with perfect pitch unable to enjoy music that is out of key, we, too, must be aware of our excellence and our inability to see past the mistakes. Your unusual suffering will elevate the world around you as soon as you transcend the feelings of pain.

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