Evidence of Your Greatness

You are the evidence of infinity. Are you knowing that? Are you realizing that the greatest part of you is in and of an energy that is unbounded by space and time? What does this mean? In walking about your day, it can mean simply that you make the right turns, speak to the right people, say the right thing at just the right moment, and finally feel aligned with a power in and beyond you.

In knowing your infinity, you may look around at the airport and realize you have not seen the people individually but as extensions of emotional energy, and knowing that from the gut of you, you may shift any experience for yourself and others. In knowing your infinity, you may walk into a party, single and alone, and move about the room knowing that you have the ability to extend grace and kindness not in the way that people see you, but in the way that people feel when they’ve interacted with you; conversations aren’t rushed; no one is ignored; inspiration is available through every interaction and maybe you didn’t speak to the guy or gal that you eyed, but you leave the party knowing you showed up fully and instead of dreaming of a different scenario, you may look forward, living in the dreams of those you were wanting to know deeper as that “miracle-minded one.”

Your greatness predates structure as we know it, it’s beyond intellectualism and education and is accessible at any point, and is often most easily accessed when you break from a period of “figuring it out” into a series of knowings what feels true but often too big to address. These series of knowings can happen after a struggle with addiction or after one more first date that ended poorly; these knowings can happen on a hike or traveling to a place that awakens something in you; they can happen at the job that suddenly doesn’t seem to fit or make sense to you or realizing that friends or children move on; knowings often appear, too, when we are witnessing greatness in others, through demonstrations of beauty and goodness from a social media page. Evidence of your greatness is as close as you seeing it in others and then seeing what is misaligned in your life. Inspiration comes once we are “in spirit”; once something greater moves about us and through us, and with compelling evidence–like art, music, writing, or leadership–this spirit calls us back to ourselves.

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