King | Servant

What is a King?


A King is an upright knowing that you are extensions of the infinite. The fact that you can consider that thought means that you are, indeed, of that notion. The fact that we have such dreams, as a uniquely human-being experience, means that we are divinely wired to evoke such dreams. It is a requirement for our human-hood to evoke and evolve. The history and creation of the universe and civilizations is proof that we are not passive, interpreters or record-keepers of life, but universe rulers. And in honoring this nobility in us we get a sense of what it could truly mean if we understood our holiness and of what realms we could transcend into?

What is a Servant?

A servant is a current assignment; it’s our process for riding in this earthly plan as King-Things. Our greatness can only be realized and honed if it is done together, and togetherness requires absence of person-hood, in the sense that our highest quality is unity. Unity is easily displayed in service roles where the mission of the whole overpowers and even transmutates the nature of the individuals involved. It’s not simply that the sum of us is greater than its parts, it is that there is no parts, just the sum that is us and in humility–understanding clearly who we are an am to be–as co-creators in this universe, we can finally move forward to the next phase of our experience.

What is Essential?

We must not fear our greatness, for it exists for the whole, and we must know that our greatness is only real to the extent that it blesses the world in unity.

There is, of course, a role for all of us, which means a role for you.

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