A Story of Injustice

Suffering exists in this world. Humans, unlike most species, seem fixated deeply on who or what causes their suffering. Meaning, a bird will sit on a perch and freeze, not knowing that it should be suffering in that moment, not looking for an enemy. Biologically, we are prepped to look deeper, and the troubles of our times are caused not because we look and are aware, but because we have not looked deep enough and have missed the greater picture.

The answers we are wanting feel invigorating in the search–like the activists on the streets demanding those responsible to come forth–but they are fruitless in the journey. They are a roller coaster in which we ride, sometimes to feel something other than we have been feeling. There is a story of injustice that our society tells in which we believe something needs to be done to make justice apparent; that someone needs to “pay” for suffering in order for justice to be revealed. We have the belief that if we do things in the right order, with the right people, then all will be right. The story of injustice is understanding that we also have an inherent story of wrongness, on good days we see others as wrong and on worse days we see this wrongness in ourselves. We can’t act our way to right thinking– thinking can only be righted once the feelings are righted and then we are free from the actual actions.

The story of injustice is a story of anger and grief. And modern activism would have you believe that these must be the drivers of justice, but anger and grief were always the drivers of injustice. It is not just to make sacred the suffering. It is not just to condone the stagnancy of vibrating in anger for fear that if you don’t harness it, all will be lost. However, it is just to be at peace and unravel the injustice by refusing it a place in the sphere of oneness–beginning with yourself. The deeper you practice, the greater this sphere becomes. I know it’s been hard. I know we are frightened and overwhelmed and sad. I also know that because you can see and dream of a kinder more powerful path means you are divinely required to seek it.


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