The Non-Violence Collective

The Non-Violence Collective: an inter-faith, intersectional unity movement.

Pillars: Our beliefs

  1. Non-violence is a philosophy and practice that is active and powerful; it’s a spiritual tool that does the following:
    • Allows the oppressed to transcend the battlefield.
    • Stands witness to the humanity of those oppressing.
    • Infuses conflict with satyagraha “relentless truth.”
  2. Non-violence as a political strategy does not bear long-lasting fruit, it must be an inward to outward movement. It cannot be truly demonstrated en masse unless it is demonstrated in one’s personal life.
  3. Faith leaders must reclaim unity as a spiritual principle for humankind. Unity assumes that there is a underlying collective conscious, a one-mindedness that influences us all.
  4. Faith without works is dead + works without faith is dead. The moment the spirit of the cause is absent, the cause is running on human will not the collective consciousness.
  5. Peace is absolute. Intersectionality is a requirement for the freedom of all groups.

Practice: We act in two parts

  1. THE PERSONAL: Practicing Stillness, Clarity and Oneness
  2. THE ALL-PERSONAL: Demonstrating Unity, Truth, Power
    • Coalition Building
    • Bearing Witness + Accountability
    • Relentless Actions of Non-Violence

Participants: All are welcome

  • Faith Leaders
  • Youth Leaders
  • Minority + Intersectional Movement Leaders

Perceptions: Areas of focus

  • Financial inequity
  • Minority group inequity
  • Religious fundamentalism

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