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Hello Gorgeous Gurus!

I am Brandon Kneefel — a writer, licensed spiritual advisor, unifier and have the gift of psychic mimicry (which means I can take on the spiritual gifts of other psychics and mediums). Many of you know me from my time on the  2016 Logo TV reality show Finding Prince Charming.  In 2017, I graduated from the nation’s first LGBTQ spiritual practitioner and counselor program. As a licensed and certified spiritual counselor, I lecture on topics such as spiritual gifts, unity, spiritual tools, intersectionality, mindful activism, and nonviolence.

I specialize in uniting and coaching healers, psychics, mediums, and mystics, specifically in the queer community (more information in My Services tab). I analyze what doesn’t work and find better ways to do it. I question the status quo and ask “why?” Ask with me.

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I have worked for or held leadership service positions at top national LGBTQ organizations and grassroots initiatives like the Right to Marry Campaign,  Soulforce, Resource Center of Dallas, Equality Michigan, AIDS Walk LA, Inspire Spiritual Communities, Resist March LA, LA LGBT Center, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Equality California, No on Prop 8, and Amnesty International..

In 2017, I was nominated by CA State Legislator Rep. Evan Low to join the statewide cohort for the Equality California Leadership Institute. I was also awarded the Point Foundation Scholarship (the nation’s largest LGBTQ-granting scholarship fund) and additionally received a top honor–the Jonathan D. Lewis name-scholarship, given to the “scholar who shows most merit as a future progressive leader.” Instinct Magazine called me a “voice for his generation.” I’ve been profiled or featured in various media outlets such as Newsweek, The Advocate, Instinct Magazine, Detroit Free Press, Dallas Morning News and has been seen on Logo TV, Vh1, Comedy Central, MyxTV and Spike TV discussing topics like faith, spirituality, LGBTQs, addiction, and altruism.

To balance out the gravity of the healing work I do, I often act and perform on various platforms such as T.V., film, comedy clubs, and on social media platforms.

Specialties: spiritual counseling and clairvoyant  readings, writing, social justice + empowerment work, performing + content creation.

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