Blockchain Doesn’t Stand a Chance in Healthcare…

Blockchain Doesn’t Stand a Chance in Healthcare…
May 29, 2018 Brandon

Blockchain technology does not stand a chance in healthcare if companies and applications don’t abide by simple startup rules. Just because the technology is revolutionary, does not mean it has earned its place in the fold of mainstream fields. Blockchain technology does not stand a chance in conquering the healthcare market unless it does the following:

  1. Integrates with existing systems: I’m going to keep this short — do not sell an overhaul in industries. For instance, it isn’t wise to try to make a brand new social media platform built on a blockchain the next cool thing, unless your target customers deliberately ask for it. Instead, sell them adjustments to the systems they have. To do this, blockchain companies need to learn how to integrate with the software that companies and consumers currently use. This means, in terms of healthcare, your client is not only the provider or software company but ultimately the patient.
  2. Appeals to consumers and software companies: as an electronic health records administrator and seasoned director in a healthcare facility, I know what it means to sell and be sold to in terms of software. The adage “people don’t care about what you know until they know you care” can be adjusted to “people don’t care about your technology until they know your technology meets their needs or desires.” It’s vital to understand that each company wants to stand out and wants services that make their job easier. Again, the new technology is not the selling point. For instance, when I talk to electronic health records companies, they don’t need to know that we use blockchain technology, they just want to know that it works better than the software they have now.
  3. Creates a solution to an existing and proved problem: this is startup 101. Talk to your customers before you decide what your final solution is. At TheDataVault, we pivoted almost every round of speaking to customers because without fail, we’d talk to one outlier who would have insight that ended up resonating with the rest of our population. For instance, we started with the concept of an organized data storage. Unlike other storage platforms, we were hoping people would like the built-in organizational structure. It turns out people don’t care. They are indifferent. Indifference doesn’t inspire action. We needed a tool that inspired change by making someone’s organizing significantly easier. So, the automated storage came about. This was proved to have interest, but still didn’t inspire. Finally, we asked ourselves, what would make us leap from our current storage platforms to TheDataVault. We found out that auto-retrieval from external institutions saves people time and money and also inspires folks because they had never seen software that integrates so seamlessly with their own storage accounts.

    Blockchain technology companies can only succeed and make a dent in healthcare if they 1) join the winning side by partnering with current established products. The referral and incremental integration is comfortable for the consumer — it’s a soft intro. 2) When you sell, you must do so with only one primary purpose: who am I talking to and how can I make their work or software easier to use or make them more money. 3) Do not be afraid to find the exact problem through talking to potential customers and change your product or business model. Prove this and you can launch your product effortlessly.

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