Valentine’s Day Tips for Single and Lonely <3

Valentine’s Day Tips for Single and Lonely <3
February 11, 2017 Brandon


Sometimes it can feel like we are missing out if we are single when Valentine’s Day sweeps into Western consciousness. While it’s not always pleasant, it can be. When I am having doubts about worthiness or confusion around intimacy, I know that it’s time to pull back and work on appreciating myself. When something appreciates, it grows. When we are hard on ourselves we can depreciate our value in our minds. If you sometimes have a hard time like me appreciating yourself, take some time and focus on qualities of yourself that are super-easy to appreciate. Maybe you have a beautiful smile or great laugh, maybe you are uber-loyal or have a huge heart. Focus on these qualities only and as you go throughout your day notice when judgement arises and slowly and gently turn your attention back to what you appreciate. This allows you to prime your environment and emotional field to increase value in all circumstances, which then allows you to not miss the opportunities that are yours to claim.


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