I Love Trump In Office

I Love Trump In Office
February 21, 2017 Brandon


I love Trump in office. I love that we are revealing the victim consciousness and martyr consciousness in everyone–on both sides of a ridiculously artificial two-sided debate. I love that even in our “live proud of our blackness, gayness, gender, brownness,” we are still resisting something. True power lies in recognizing the threat is only as powerful as our attention to it. Not in a new-age Law of Attraction way, but in a very literal way–people stay in the spotlight as long as we keep them there. We collectively spent a year making Trump the center of our debates, news and conversations at the dinner table, it’s no surprise that he is now at the center of our country.

I love Trump in office because it reveals all the areas in America that are left unhealed. It reveals that this stupid idea of pendulum and arcs toward justice are something that we need to force upon society at large. Progress is natural and often subtle.

To the 90-year-old woman wondering why she still has to “protest this B.S.”: Ma’am, it’s because we thought we could legislate a change of heart. We thought we could free the slaves and ignore racism. We thought we could enact marriage equality and undue homophobia. Newsflash, fundamentalism thrives under threat and dies in community and unity. The Bible tells us that much. I’m done with us arguing that we need to push the pendulum back, because we do not need several generations from now having to still resist our conservative brothers and sisters by bearing the weight of the pendulum. Cut the pendulum off. Remove from our minds the scale of justice and morality and right and wrong and be freed by forgiveness.

Hearts and minds change. I was disowned by Evangelical Christian parents for being brazenly gay (and for being a rebel with a cause, sorry mom and dad for being extra difficult). I cannot change their minds anymore than they can change mine, but there are hormones and emotions that add up to spiritual experiences that can offer lasting transformations.

If we are one, then we are all one.


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