A Letter To My Generation 2017: Reject Reality

A Letter To My Generation 2017: Reject Reality
January 22, 2017 Brandon

To My Generation 2017: Reject Reality


If reality does not look kind, reject it! If the news looks messy, reject it! If politics are scary, reject them! See this is what I’m gonna do: I will keep my eye on the heroes of the story, not scan the terrain for villains. I will seek connectedness and reject defensiveness.

I will, and I know you will too, hold the world in the invisible: the Muslims, Christians, Jews, orthodox, non-practicing, those injured by religion, those who’ve found grace and wisdom in their faith, progressives, Buddhists, conservatives, peace-loving, those in fear, racists, activists, fundamentalists, extremists. In my mind, I will hold them so close together that they will no longer be able to see where one ends and the other begins. I hold them in a collective understanding that there is nothing to fear, no suffering to defend, nothing to guard against, no monsters across the seas, no spies in our cities, nothing that cannot be renewed and made pure once we’ve rinsed our own murky lenses.

This is truth because it has been the nature of humanity since we began, love always wins. How do I know? Because humans live on. Movement always ends in uniting closer, conflict always breeds deeper communication and the good prevails, not because this is a fairytale, but because this is reality and the truth is that that which is destructive, by definition, can not support itself—destruction can only exist as a branch of creation, they are not equal; the tsunami recedes and earth rejuvenates, the tornado stills and the ground is rebuilt, the fire fizzles and the sot is purified.

You see, we have an enemy in our midst. We do. It lurks behind the shadows and out in broad day light. It walks across the street and says whatever it wants. It’s brash and unruly. We have an enemy amongst us, you see. We each have an enemy and it desires refuge, to be buried deeply into our precious state. State of mind. WE have an enemy amongst us that tells us to fear the world, fear thy neighbor, fear those who speak words that we abhor. We have a enemy inside us and we are convinced that it walks and talks so convincingly like a human but can’t possibly be. And we are right. We are at war with our limited beliefs. Our enemy is our inability to see dream past visible evidence. Our archnemesis is the concept that if only, he, if only they, if only, I could do, would do, should do, be different than our experiences would change. The enemy lives in us as the idea that what we get is what we see, but the truth is, the hero is in recognizing that what we see—what we truly vision and see—is what we get.

And for all those confused as to what to do next. Because you know every day we choose, choose the same headlines. “What do we do?” we ask. Because, I had a dream, but Trump. We made progress, but Pence. We moved the hearts of Americans but GOP and Congress and Wall Street, but, but, but. And we say to you, the dreams were always once invisible. And yet. Fundamentalists…and yet Marriage equality…KKK… and yet civil rights. Heteronormative Patriarchy…and yet women’s right to vote. We dismantle fear by living in our dreams. Confusion. And yet the clarity of your vision. And yet. And yet. And yet.

Be propelled by a relentless search for the truth. Be relentless in revealing the truth. And do not stop to pay mind to the false–that which does not exist. Turn your eyes to the heavens and forego all other paths. Be disruptive and shocking. Be bold and kind. Be compassionate and non-judgmental. Be so reckless with your demonstrations of kindness and service that even those that oppose your cause cannot deny the spirit of humankind that bursts forth through you. Aim to do this, and so prove the divinity of man, as the heavens wait for us to remember that we are not primal-things but creative, curious, compassionate, fearless Human-Beings.


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