Prayer: Transcendence

Prayer: Transcendence
January 6, 2016 Brandon

Dear God,

There is a force among us, inside of us, living around us, that we identify with so much. I ask that you allow us to no longer interact with this force. May your words give us the power and lightness we need to lift out of this fog, that we may remember clearly, from a bird’s eye view, who we truly are. Who we truly are can never be fully understood without the scope of each other. I can not be realized without my brothers and I can not enter into a world of recovery and peace without recovering the memory of my fellows. That we are one. Lift us out of separation. That we are unique manifestations. Lift us into diversity as the unique coalesce-er; in the way that a puzzle made of square pieces holds no value to the pieces, to the puzzle and the creator and puzzle-solver. Lift us out of the illusion of good and bad, for in the sight of wrong does our heart identify. Let us not ignore that which is unlike love, let us transcend it. Amen.


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