Prayer: Light of Peace

Prayer: Light of Peace
January 7, 2016 Brandon

Dear God,

I acknowledge the light of peace that exists in all of us. I acknowledge this forever-flame that has no end. I acknowledge that the darker the night, the clearer the light. I am acutely aware that this light is indomitable. The peace in the light is the unwavering foundation in our society—where we return in comfort and quiet. The light of peace is not fragile or temporary, but bendable, potent and complete. It is only our inability to turn and tune our minds that we miss this peace; but we are always re-routing ourselves back to it, because it is the only direction we can move; it is the stable lighthouse to our weary ships in the night. It’s in us and is sparked in every newborn and passed between one another when we transition from this world to the next; it carries the stillness of our heart that lifts us up and out of our shadows as we assume an indestructible knowing. It cannot be tampered with. The dark does not challenge it, for the darkness exists for it–to serve it. It cannot be lost on us for more than a moment. It rises in us thrusting us in and over, above and beyond, one and all, from misstep to miracle. And so it is.


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