Prayer: The World

Prayer: The World
January 1, 2016 Brandon

The World

Dear God,

I am not willing to turn my eyes to the construction of separation when the world wails in agony over differences. I am not willing to guard my life against a neighbor. I do not stand in isolation barring myself against false enemies, but stand on the front line inviting the world to shine forth in its diversity instead of hiding from each others shadows. I cannot blame my brothers who have turned on another when my mind sees them as insane. I will not fall victim to the spells of defensiveness until I’ve done all I can to retrieve connectedness. I will not presume to identify differences in my neighbors until I am willing to see our similarities.

I hold the world in the invisible, the Muslims, Christians, Jews, orthodox, non-practicing, those injured by religion, those who’ve found grace and wisdom in their faith, progressives, Buddhists, conservatives, peace-loving, those in fear, racists, activists, fundamentalists, extremists. I hold them in a collective understanding that there is nothing to fear, no suffering to defend, nothing to guard against, no monsters across the seas, no spies in our cities, nothing that cannot be renewed and made pure once we’ve purified our murky lenses. I hold them in knowing that as powerfully as they can opposition, surely that which exists for their benefit eclipses all.

This is truth because it has been the nature of humanity since we began, love always wins. How do I know? Because humans live on. Movement always ends in uniting closer, conflict always breeds deeper communication and the good prevails, not because this is a fairytale, but because this is reality and the truth is that that which is destructive, by definition, can not support itself; the tsunami recedes and earth rejuvenates, the tornado stills and the ground is rebuilt, the fire fizzles and the sot is purified.

Destructive beliefs are not the antithesis to constructive beliefs, but one small step in the powerful and wondrous unfolding—an unfolding that is not done, not yet complete, but one that we are rocketing to as a peaceful, unified final destination before we are lifted into a new realm. Our lights shine on, purer and truer. Life and relationships are clearer, cancerous beliefs radiate into nothing and the whole is left with an undeniable clarity of purpose. And so it is.


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