Prayer: The Invisible

Prayer: The Invisible
January 2, 2016 Brandon

The Invisible

Dear God, I love that you move through the invisible. I love that I can be in pain one moment in, and through a miracle I am shifted into a state of grace. I know that nothing is so potent or demonstrative to my divinity than when I move outside myself for the benefit of others. In this act of faith, I move forward, upward, inward and through-ward, because my life exists in the spaces in between me and others, where I am called to meet another, and expand. The invisible is not the optional, but the controlling power that is available to me for alignment, and in ignoring the invisible, I am not punished, but forcefully rub up against the guardrails of life. The path is clear and pure, and I move forward using the compass of my gut, heart and head, and in the invisible, I finally re-join with all God’s creations, heavenly, earthly, here, before, and beyond. Amen.


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