Prayer: Momentum

Prayer: Momentum
January 4, 2016 Brandon


Dear God, help us to remember that the momentum of things is always lifeward. We are always expanding and encompassing, enlarging and evolving. This is a truer truth and we are always getting closer to the heart of each other. Despite any appearances of tragedy and strife, poverty and pain, we are moving into the heart of each other. Even if we cannot see past war and famine, genocide and terrorism, unpaid bills, divorce, rejection and illness, we are always marching into the heart of each other. We are guiding each other back. We pray to that which holds us at our highest in a collective prayer from the arteries of different nations, religions and tongues, back to the one heart. Our words become the same because we are hearing the stillness of peace and we are united by Spirit raising us out of our stories and into you. And so it is.


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