Prayer: When to Act

Prayer: When to Act
November 1, 2015 Brandon

Dear Divine Creator,

In heaven we need do nothing to experience love because it is all there is. Until we reach heaven, Divine Creator, I know that experiencing love requires action. As long as we see ourselves as bodies and moving separately, we must act to connect.
Please show me, in each moment, what action you would have me take that would produce the greatest result of love. Help me to do this, stand between me and my ego, me and my pain or connection with illusion and introduce love as an act of forgiveness. Forgiveness, not for what I think someone did to me, but for believing that they were unloving. How could I know?! How dare I pretend to play omniscient role. All I can do is bless and act as if the love is all I see, and perhaps, sooner than later, that’s all I will see. Please keep me willing.
I know there are times I want to hold onto the idea that I am separate and I have tasks and I have missions to meet or accomplish or I will not get something I deserve or lose something I believe I have, but remind me–especially in those moments–that the most important, the most potent and everlasting thing I can do is to know that my only role is for me to turn inward and release the projection of embracing to the soul before me, that a miracle may occur and my sphere of influence might expand toward peace eternally.


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