Prayer: Health + Faith

Prayer: Health + Faith
November 1, 2015 Brandon

Dear God,

I trusted that goodness would be trumped by physical logic. I trusted that if someone was sick then they will stay that way until it passes or they take medicine or they die.

I didn’t trust or listen to the logic of the Spirit, which reminds me that we stay sick when we believe that we have to do or not do certain things in order to enter heaven. Heaven is available when I trust that I do not need to provide healing if I remember that God would never will me sick.

I didn’t trust that doing God’s work would be the panacea. I am exceptional as a child of God and to the world in direct proportion to my knowing this and understanding that at any moment anyone, ANYONE can be as exceptional.

I trust that I can’t stray from my holy destiny if I walk with my Source. I trust that everything else is my ego getting lost.

I trust that God offers me humility to stay connected to his divine brilliance. There’s no other way to reign then under the light of the Spirit, in the name of my brothers for our God.


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