Prayer: Guidance

Prayer: Guidance
November 1, 2015 Brandon

To All that holds us at our highest,

I understand that it seems like their are more problems than solutions. I understand that I do not have the web of past, present and future to glance at, and you do. I understand that fear exists when self-reliance fails me and I do not want to rely on myself, but I crave direction.
I cannot turn a blind eye to the things I have seen and heard and I do not know how much is my part, where to go with information and what to invest in the good, while not feeling mired in victimhood. Victimhood may look like feeling I’m the only one who is paying attention or that I cannot fix a problem. But there is a solution. You do not create problems, you do not provide puzzles without the answers nearby. I pray that you direct me to my most humble, courageous, honest, calling, that I may do your bidding.
I pray that I do not worry about how, you know. I pray that I do not worry about who will care, or help or listen–that’s none of my business. But I do pray that you keep me close to your side so that I may walk along this path, trickling ideas sprung from your mind, blessing the road, not because I travel it, but because you walk before me–leading me.
I pray that you keep the burn of passion and willingness to grow and deepen and do–take action as the purest form of love on earth–keep it in my belly that I may not go a day without thinking of your highest calling and your highest resolution here on earth. I ask humbly to be used, may I be in your plan and may I remember, always, that it is yours and I am but a servant. Amen.


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