Prayer: For Pain

Prayer: For Pain
November 1, 2015 Brandon

Dear God,

There is pain trapped in between breaths. Sometimes it is so deep I barely know it’s there until it deteriorates whatever it imbedded itself in. I do not know how to release this pain without you. For so long, I believed ignoring it would work. I believed looking at it would make it grow. The truth is, it only looks bigger because I will look at all of it. And then it can transform before my eyes. But I can’t do it without you. I can’t see it without fear without you. And you won’t do so without my permission. Not because you can’t, but because the miracle is in the choice. I choose to see through your eyes. Take this pain, rinse it from my bones. Shed the tears from my eyes. Let me weep, not from pain but relief. Let me not be afraid to wail as the water breaks through the acidic shield and burn through my blood, purifying my body as my mind is returned to my perfect soul. Loved. untarnished. Unwavering in your stillness. Amen.


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