Prayer: Divinely Made

Prayer: Divinely Made
November 1, 2015 Brandon
Dear God,
The holy days fall behind us, in our earthly sight.
Remind us that the holy mins, hours, moments, days and lives extend from us.
Because you have planted the moments of holiness in each and every one of us.
On any day, we can begin anew, forgiven, joyful and triumphant.
We can start the moment over remembering that recognizing your holiness and myself as an extension, I can but be holy, wholly.
I can not be apart from my creator.
Sickness is not in the realm of God, as it is an illusion.
I have descended from you, Divine Creator, like so many others.
And, yet, we are protected three-fold, by your loving thoughts, by your loving design and your loving memory.
I can return from hell at any moment when I turn my eyes to this trinity. It is for us. To offer us healing of our ourselves from our manmade illusions.
Stand me up, Divine Creator, reorganize the mess I made of creation and walk me thru, once more to the garden of peace.


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