Prayer: Finding Your Soulmate

Prayer: Finding Your Soulmate
October 28, 2015 Brandon

Dear God,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the gift of knowing my soulmate. I know this person to be true and I know the electromagnetism of my heart, when vibrating at the pulse of your infinity and glory, will physically draw to that experience into the three-dimensional world. Any other way is not possible. I know that anything I feel in my heart and physical being, the arousal, the tenderness, the inspiration, the joy, the expansion, the trust and loyalty and commitment. I have summoned these qualities from within and thus see them throughout my life. It is here. The peace of unconditional love is here. The undeniable knowing that I have fit perfectly within myself–the source of me—reminds me that I am now available to join wholly again. Amen.


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